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Volunteer Created.  May contain editorial content.

Mission and Goals

We have a simple mission: to improve educational outcomes by helping to provide easy access to resources and information.

We would like to provide resources to enable families and students to be able advocate for their own education. 

We strive to put factual resources so the reader can be better informed. However we realize some information may be editorial in nature and try to add balance whenever possible. We have found information/articles regarding the district may be political in nature and written in ways to persuade. We are hoping that having as much data as possible and presenting a variety of views, will help all of us have a better understanding of the issues and each other which may help us work together to improve our schools.

Some Parent and Community education groups do not have their own website. If we are aware of that we have offered to put up a page with info that they have provided. We will use our judgment and discretion to not put content that may alienate and discriminate against others. 

Please email us of any links of resources you feel would be important to add.